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TP Link AX11000 Router Setup

Following this information will take you to the entire TP Link AX11000 router setup process from scratch. Besides, it will help you know how to connect your TP Link AX11000 router to the internet. Moreover, how can you access and change your TP Link AX11000 settings via your TP Link Login account or TP Link Router Login account? Remember, your TP Link AX11000 router is equipped with a web-based Quick Setup Wizard. Therefore, it has a necessary built-in ISP information that helps automate most steps and also assists in verifying those completed steps. Moreover, you can even set up an IPv6 connection if your ISP offers IPv6 service.

tp link ax11000 router setup

1. Using the Quick Setup Wizard

Before you start, learning about the Quick Setup Wizard process will guide you in setting up your TP Link AX11000 router. And to do this, you can follow the downward steps:

  • Start by visiting the URL. After that, login into your TP Link login account by using the password you set for your TP Link AX11000 router. 
  • Next, you can follow the on-screen instructions to accomplish the Quick Setup configuration process or go to the Advanced > Quick Setup option to configure and connect your router to the internet.
  • Now, if you want to enjoy an entire service from TP-Link, such as remote management, TP-Link DDNS, and more. Also, it is necessary to log in by using your TP Link ID or TP Link login account, then click on the “Sign Up Now” option to get one. After that, you can follow the instructions and bind the cloud router to your TP-Link ID.

2. Quick Setup via Bluetooth with TP-Link Tether App

Using the Tether App allows you to set up your TP Link AX11000 router via Bluetooth. As a result, you can enjoy the glitch-free and hassle-free of rejoining the configured wireless network.  

  • Firstly, open an App store and search for the “TP Link Tether” or scan the QR code to download and install the app. 
  • Next, you need to enable the Bluetooth on your phone. On the other hand, Android users can turn On their location. 
  • Afterward, open the Tether app and click on the plus sign option, which you can see in the upright corner. After that, select TP Link AX11000 and follow the steps so that you can set up your internet connection. 
  • Lastly, connecting your device to your newly configured wireless networks of the TP Link router is required to enjoy the internet.

3. Manually Set up your Internet Connection

With the help of this third section, you can check your current internet connection settings. You can even modify the settings as per the service information provided by your ISP. Hence, you can follow the downward steps to check or modify your internet connection settings. 

  • First, jump on URL. And then, log in by using the same TP Link login credentials, TP Link ID, or the password you set for your router. After that, go to the Internet and select your internet connection type from the drop-down list.
  • Next, you need to follow the on-screen instructions to continue the configuration. Remember, while choosing Dynamic IP, select whether to clone the MAC address or not. Remember that a cable TV or fiber cable works best for Dynamic IP users. 
  • Now, while choosing the Static IP, you need to enter your ISP’s information in the corresponding fields.   
  • Afterward, if you choose PPPoE, enter TP Link router login credentials such as Username and Password. Remember, the TP Link login credentials must be provided by your ISP. Also, being a PPPoE user, you must have DSL cable modems. 
  • Remember, while choosing L2TP, you need to enter the TP Link router login credentials. Once complete, choose the secondary connection provided by your ISP, such as Dynamic IP or Static IP. Make sure the different parameters are required per the secondary connection you selected. 
  • Finally, enter your TP Link login credentials and choose the secondary connection, such as Dynamic IP or Static IP provided by your ISP, if you choose PPTP. Also, keep in mind that the different parameters are required per the secondary connection you have selected.

4. Set Up the Router as an Access Point

Follow the downward steps to enable your TP Link AX11000 to work as an access point and to transform your existing wired network into a wireless network.

  • Access the URL and log in via your TP-Link ID or the password. Remember to use the password you set for your TP Link AX11000 router. 
  • Next, go to Advanced > System > Operation Mode, select the Access Point Mode and click the Save option. As a result, your router will reboot and switch to Access Point Mode. 
  • Now, connect the router to your existing wired router using an Ethernet cable once it’s rebooted. 
  • Afterward, it would help if you connected to the Wi-Fi of your TP Link router. After that, log in to the web management page, then move to the Advanced > Quick Setup options.
  • Lastly, you can configure your wireless settings, then click on the Next option. Further, once you confirm the information, click on the Save option. Doing this enables you to enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity.

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