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TP Link is one of the most prominent providers of computer networking products. This is a China-based manufacturer known for providing the customers with various products to meet all of their networking related requirements. It provides global users with highly-advanced products, including range extenders, cable modems, powerline adapters, routers, cable modems, and a lot more. Apart from its feature-rich products, TP Link is also known for its customer service. Their 24/7 customer support team helps the users to resolve any issue related to TP Link products. In this write-up, we have mentioned the ways through which the users can contact the TP Link customer service team. 

How to contact the TP Link customer support team?

TP Link Community

This is one of the best ways to contact the customer support team of TP Link. It helps the users resolve their issues and queries instantly. According to their product and requirement, the users can choose from the “For Business” or “For Home” categories. The first category addresses the issues related to products like Business Wi-Fi, VIGI Surveillance, Wireless Broadbands, Omada Cloud SDN, etc. The second category deals with the queries related to the products like Smart Home, Whole-Home Wi-Fi, Modem/Gateways, Network Expansions, etc. 

Download Center

All the users are recommended to get in touch with the download center of the TP Link customer support team to get solutions regarding drivers, user guide, firmware, and others. They can select the model number of their product from the search bar or tab list and follow the on-screen instructions. 


The users can check out the FAQ section of the TP Link customer service. This section contains various answers to many questions related to different queries and issues. Therefore, the users must go through the frequently asked questions about TP Link devices. 

Service Center

The users can also visit the service center of TP Link. They are suggested to go to the “Contact Technical Support” page and then click on the “Service Center” option. Thereafter, a list containing the information regarding different locations of the service centers in different cities. Along with this, the list also has the visiting hours of each center. Therefore, the users can visit the service center that is nearest to them. 

Technical Support

The users can contact the TP Link customer service via the ‘Technical Support’ option. They can visit the ‘Contact Technical Support’ page and enter the product model number in the search bar located at the top right corner of the page and then follow the further instructions. Thus, the user can resolve their issue through this option. Apart from this, on the same contact technical support page, other tabs, including hotline support, livechat support, email support, etc., are also available. 


This blog included the best ways one can contact the TP Link Customer Service team. Therefore, the users who are facing issues regarding any TP link product can get in touch with the customer support team through the options mentioned above.