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TP Link Extender Setup

TP Link Extender Setup

TP link extender setup

The tp link extender is hooked up with your router wirelessly in order to broaden the signals into the areas that are otherwise impossible to reach. In fact, it also reduces signal interference to ensure your home or workplace has a stable wi-fi coverage area. This guide will assist you to step by step how to do tp link extender setup so that you can perform the steps carefully without facing any difficulty.

Access the web based setup page for tp link extender setup

  • Start off the tp link extender setup by completing the hardware setup of the extender. Once you have done with the setup part, step forward by switching on your extender by plugging into the electric socket that is working properly. 
  • Now, straightaway from the Wi-Fi list from your computer or laptop, pick the default network name of your extender. The default name will be displayed with a name TP- Link_ Extender, click on it and move ahead. 

Point to remember: If you want to hook up your extender through the wired connection you can also do it so via Ethernet cable. 

  • With the help of a web browser, go to Here, you are asked to construct a new password that should be difficult to guess so as to keep your account secure. After entering the password, retype the password for the confirmation and opt for the Start button. 
  • You will now be presented with a new screen from which you have to choose your preferred network host router name and insert the password accordingly. Just in case, you use dual band routers, you need to choose both the name of the network and enter the password correctly.
  • Furthermore, you have to examine the host network name and password of your routers. After this, opt for the Confirm button and move on with the tp link extender setup. 
  • Following this, select the network name to which you want to extend your host network. If you want to customize the network name you can also do so and then click on the Next button. 
  • After completing all the settings you have to place your cursor and opt for the Done button. 
  • Finally, you have to link your tp link extender with the new extender network name. For this, you have to enter its password and then click on the Join tab. Then, opt for the Finish button to end up with the tp link extender setup procedure successfully. 

There are yet two alternative methods using which you can perform the tp link extender setup process easily and conveniently. The first method is the WPS method and for using this method you must keep in mind that your extender as well as the router must have a WPS button. Just after this you can easily perform the setup procedure. And the other method is by accessing the Tether application on your android and iOs devices. You can opt for this method, just by successfully installing this application on your preferred mobile phones. Hence, the user can opt for any of these methods as per their suitability to complete the TP link Setup.

Solutions to get rid of the issues that you face while setup

Solutions to get rid of the issues that you face while setup

It is really frustrating for the users when they have to bear the issues while tp link extender setup. So, as to overcome these issues, here are some of the solutions that will help in resolving it. 

  • When you are unable to do TP Link Login the homepage while setting up your extender, check whether you have inserted the correct web URL or not. Sometimes the wrong URL might create issues in accessing the homepage. 
  • Ensure that your extender must be plugged in to a working power outlet and the power is turned on for getting the proper power supply.
  • Make sure that you have opted for the correct default network extender name. In case, you have opted for the wrong default name, then disconnect it from there and link it to the correct one to dissolve the issue.
  • You must be getting a very strong, reliable and safe internet network connection while performing the setup procedure. 
  • While relocating the extender ensure that your router and extender should be halfway between the extender and the dead zone area. Moreover, ensure that the router and extender should be placed within the range area. 
  • Above all of this, ensure that you have inserted the correct password while linking to your host network.