TP Link Login

TP Link Router Login

TP link router login

TP-Link Router Features

Here are the features of TP-Link router that you can avail after completing its setup. So have a look at the below-listed features. 

  1. TP-Link routers are equipped with Ethernet and USB ports which lets you connect your PC directly with the router for receiving the best wifi signals. Also, the router comes with detachable antennas to provide maximum wireless coverage. 
  2. TP-Link routers deliver the super-fast wifi speed and you can connect unlimited devices to it. Also, with TP-Link Wifi, you can install high-MB applications, videos, and heavy files within real-time. 
  3. TP-Link routers are enabled with enhanced and ultimate features such as Guest Network, Access Control, Firewall, Parental Control etc. 
  4. TP Link Setup is not so complicated and you can configure all the router settings by visiting the web-based setup page or via Tether application. 
  5. Some of the TP-Link router models have dual-band and tri-band features to enhance the speed of your wifi so that you can stream HD contents or videos without interruption.

Understandable Process For TP Link Router Login via Setup Page

Understandable Process For TP Link Router Login via Setup Page

Following are the detailed steps that will help you to sign into your router by launching the TP Link router login page. 

  1. To start with the process of TP Link router login, you first have to pair your device with the TP-Link router. There are two mediums through which you can develop a connection. 
  2. You can manually link an Ethernet cable to both your router and PC. Another way to establish a connection is to use a wireless method. For that, select the default TP-Link router name from the wifi list and then insert its password. 
  3. The next step is to access a web browser on the basis of your preference. You can open any of the internet browsers Opera, Chrome, Edge Chromium, Safari that must be compatible with your PC. 
  4. The most common IP addresses for TP Link Router Login are or Furthermore, you can use to access the login page. So input the one into the web browser’s address bar and then hit the Enter key. 
  5. With this, you will view the TP Link router login pop-up box containing two individual fields i.e Username and Password. Acquire the default credentials from the label pasted at the back of your router.
  6.  Generally, both the login details are specified as “admin”. So, input them accurately into their allotted field and mark the “Remember my Password” checkbox. Select OK and the main router interface will be presented on your screen from where you can adjust or change any of the settings.

Step-by-Step Guidelines For Login via Tether Application

Step-by-Step Guidelines For Login via Tether Application

Tether application lets you execute the TP Link router login process with ease. Take a look at the below-mentioned steps and follow them cautiously. 

  1. The very first step for accessing your router settings via Tether application is to link your router with the phone. For that purpose, you have to locate the “Settings” icon on your phone. Once found, open it. 
  2. From the next window, you have to select the “Wireless & Networks” option. Activate the Wifi toggle button and under the segment of “Available Networks”, select your default router name and then insert the default network security key. You can simply obtain these details from the router label given at its backside. 
  3. To proceed with the TP Link Login process, access the pre-installed Tether application on your mobile. Once you have launched the app, you will get to see the Sign In window.
  4. If you are already enrolled with TP-Link, use the same ID and Password for signing in. Otherwise, select the “Sign Up” tab and create a new TP-Link ID and password.
  5. Once you reach the main window of the Tether application, you will spot an Add device option represented by Plus icon positioned in the top-right corner of the window. 
  6. The routers that are available near your device will be shown to you. Select the default name of your TP-Link router. 
  7.  Now, you will view the “TP Link Router Login” window. Input the default login credentials into their individual fields. Both the Username and Password are “admin”. Finally, you have to click Login on Tplinkrepeater to gain access to the router setup page.